Halloween #1: Skittle Manicure

Halloween Skittle Manicure Girly bits Jini Goes Indie

Heute starte ich meine Halloween-Serie, in der ich mehrere Maniküren zeigen möchte, die alle in der einen oder der anderen Weise um das Thema Halloween kreisen! Ich beginne mit einer Skittle-Maniküre mit jedem Nagel in einer anderen Farbe und einem anderen Stil. Ich habe klassische Halloween-Farben verwendet: Orange, Violett, Schwarz und giftiges Gelbgrün 😉

Today I am starting my Halloween series where I will show you several manicures that are in one way or another related to Halloween! I begin with a Skittle manicure with each nail in a different color and style. I used a range of classical Halloween colors: orange, purple, black and toxic chartreuse 😉

Halloween Skittle Manicure Girly bits Jini Goes Indie

Auf Ringfinger und Daumen trage ich 3 Schichten Zoya Beatrix aus der PixieDust-Reihe. Auf den Mittelfinger habe ich 3 Schichten (2 hätten auch genügt) Essie The More The Merrier und auf den Zeigefinger 2 Schichten OPI Live and Let Die aufgetragen und anschließend auf beide Finger Girly bits Jini Goes Indie, einen transparenten Überlack mit buntem Glitter. Den kleinen Finger habe ich mit 2 Schichten Zoya Julie lackiert, danach mit den Lacken Zoya Julie, Kleancolor Metallic Purple und OPI Live and Let Die einen Farbverlauf mit einem kleinen MakeUp-Schwämmchen aufgetupft und schließlich China Glaze Fairy Dust aufgetragen.

On my ring finger and thumb I am wearing 3 coats of Zoya Beatrix from the PixieDust range. I applied 3 coats (2 would have been enough) of Essie The More The Merrier to my middle finger and 2 coats of OPI Live and Let Die to my index finger and afterwards to both nails 1 coat of Girly bits Jini Goes Indie, a transparent polish with multicolored glitter. To my pinkie I applied 2 coats of Zoya Julie, made a gradient with Zoya JulieKleancolor Metallic Purple and OPI Live and Let Die and topped it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Halloween Skittle Manicure Girly bits Jini Goes IndieHalloween Skittle Manicure Girly bits Jini Goes Indie

Halloween Skittle Girly bits Jini Goes Indie

Let the spooky nights begin! 🙂
xoxo Elektra

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I tried to include a lot of typical Halloween colors – truth be told, I had to make a google search because the only Halloween colors I could think of at first were black and orange … 😉


  1. Love the Halloween colours! Toxic chartreuse indeed! 😀
    And you have the most gorgeous glitter polishes and the best ideas on how to use them.
    Oh, in the first and second pics Fairy Dust comes out really nice, too.


    • Thanks so much, Ginger! You have to know that I just love the term ‘chartreuse’ for this kind of light green because in German we just say ‘gelbgrün’ = yellow green. Sooooo boring! And when the combination ‘toxic chartreuse’ came to my mind I couldn’t have been happier 😉 Oh and yes, I really do have a lot of glitter polishes and I love to experiment with them. I’m so glad you like the results! Have a lovely day 🙂


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