Textured Skittle with OPI Liquid Sands

OPI Liquid Sand Skittle

Ich liebe Texture-Lacke und hoffe, dass dieser Trend noch sehr lange anhält. Die allererste Maniküre, die ich auf meinem Blog vergangenen Juli gepostet habe, war eine Skittle-Maniküre mit Texture-Lacken in Zuckerlfarben 🙂 Ich erinnere mich noch gut, dass ich diesen Look total gerne getragen habe, und darum war es an der Zeit, wieder eine Textured Skittle-Maniküre zu machen!

I love textured polishes and I hope that the trend will continue for a long time. The first manicure that I posted on my blog back in July was a Skittle mani with textured polishes in candy colors 🙂 I remember how much I loved wearing it and so I decided it was time for another textured skittle!

OPI Liquid Sand Skittle

Ich habe von den folgenden Lacken jeweils 2 Schichten aufgetragen:
I applied 2 coats of the following polishes:

Zeigefinger / pointer: OPI Baby Please Come Home
Mittelfinger / middle: OPI Alcatraz … Rocks
Ringfinger / ring: OPI Jinx
Kleiner Finger / pinkie: OPI Silent Stars Go By
Daumen / thumb: OPI Make Him Mine

OPI Liquid Sand Skittle

Mir sind ein paar Dinge aufgefallen, als ich diese Lacke gemeinsam getragen habe: Ich bevorzuge Texture-Lack mit unterschiedlich großem Glitter. Ich finde, das macht das Finish einfach interessanter. Im Gegensatz zu Baby Please Come Home, Silent Stars Go By und Make Him Mine aus der Mariah Carey Holiday Collection (siehe zu diesen Lacken auch meinen Review) enthalten Alcatraz Rocks und Jinx ausschließlich Mikroglitter. Jinx ist ein sehr kräftiges und schönes Orangerot, das mir sehr gut gefällt. Alcatraz Rocks hat mich dagegen nicht besonders begeistert. Ich habe damit gerechnet, dass der Lack irgendwie komplexer aussieht, da er ja eine Menge Glitter in unterschiedlichen Farben enthält. Auf dem Nagel wirkt er auf mich aber einfach nur graublau. Und schließlich ist mir klargeworden, dass ich Make Him Mine viel lieber habe als Silent Stars Go By (etwas heller als Make Him Mine und ich dachte ursprünglich, ich würde diesen Lack bevorzugen!?) – genau genommen liebe ich Make Him Mine! 🙂

Wearing them altogether at the same time made me realize some things: I prefer textured polishes with different sizes of glitters. It makes them more interesting in my opinion. Alcatraz Rocks and Jinx only contain small micro glitter as opposed to the other three Liquid Sands Baby Please Come Home, Make Him Mine and Silent Stars Go By from the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection (see my review here). Jinx is very bright and pretty. I like it a lot. However, I was not too impressed by Alcatraz Rocks. I expected it to be a little more complex considering the different colors of glitter in it. It fell pretty flat on me once on the nails. And finally, I realized that I prefer Make Him Mine over Silent Stars Go By (a tad lighter than Make Him Mine and I originally thought I would prefer this one!?) – actually I looooove Make Him Mine! 🙂

OPI Liquid Sand Skittle

OPI Liquid Sand Skittle

Tragt ihr Texture-Lacke auch so gerne? Welche Marke ist euch bei Texture-Lacken am liebsten?
Do you also love the textured trend? Which brand do you prefer when it comes to textured polishes?

Thanks for watching and have a great Sunday 🙂
xoxo Elektra

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I know what you mean – I was indeed going for something easy and quick when I did this manicure! Things really don’t have to be complicated to be pretty 😉


  1. Love textured polishes (despite the fact that they tend to be such a drag to remove) but have only tried Essie, so far… Skittle mani’s are a very recent “revelation” for me – and I am now too intrigued not to try them (not sure which of my polish shades would go well together, though). This looks absolutely FABULOUS!!! I’ ve already said I love Jinx but I think Alcatraz Rocks looks great, too…


    • Thanks so much! 🙂 If you like textured polishes I can absolutely recommend OPI Liquid Sands. Some of them are easier to remove than others – for example I had no problems with Jinx and Alcatraz at all. I guess the key with skittle manis is not to put too much effort in the choice of colors. There will always be someone who likes it, no matter how weird it might look 😉


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