OPI Taupe-less Beach vs OPI Berlin There Done That

OPI Taupe-less Beach vs Berlin There Done That

OPIs brandneue Frühjahrskollektion Brazil enthält neben knalligen Sommerfarben auch drei Lacke in taupe-farbenen Schattierungen, begonnen von sehr hell bis dunkel. Der Lack in der mittleren Schattierung ist OPI Taupe-less Beach, ein helles, graustichiges Taupe mit leichten lila Untertönen. Als ich diese Farbe gesehen habe, ist mir sofort OPI Berlin There Done That eingefallen. Die zwei Lacke unterscheiden sich tatsächlich nur minimal voneinander und daher habe ich mir gedacht, ein Comparison-Post könnte hilfreich sein 🙂

Besides screaming summer colors OPI’s brand-new spring collection Brazil includes also three beautiful shades of taupe, ranging from very light to dark. The shade in the middle is OPI Taupe-less Beach, a light grayish taupe with faint lilac undertones. When I saw this color for the first time I immediately thought of OPI Berlin There Done That. And indeed these two polishes are VERY similar. So I figured a comparison post would be helpful 🙂

OPI Taupe-less Beach vs Berlin There Done That

Auf Mittelfinger und kleinem Finger trage ich 2 Schichten OPI Berlin There Done That und auf Zeige- und Ringfinger 2 Schichten OPI Taupe-less Beach. Berlin There Done That ist etwas dunkler als Taupe-less Beach, auch wenn mir der Unterschied in natura nicht so deutlich aufgefallen ist wie auf den Fotos. Berlin There Done That geht außerdem stärker in Richtung Braun und ist dadurch wärmer im Farbton. Ich könnte ganz ehrlich nicht sagen, welcher der beiden Lacke mir besser gefällt. Ich mag die lila Untertöne in Taupe-less Beach sehr, glaube aber, dass Berlin There Done That universeller ist und zu mehr Hautfarben passt als Taupe-less Beach. In jedem Fall denke ich, dass man nicht beide Lacke braucht – es sei denn, man ist ein Taupe-Freak, dann schon 😉

On middle and pinkie I’m wearing 2 coats of OPI Berlin There Done That and on pointer and ring 2 coats of OPI Taupe-less Beach. Berlin There Done That is slightly darker than Taupe-Less Beach although the difference was less visible in person. It is also more brown and thus warmer. I honestly couldn’t decide which one I prefer. I really like the lilac undertones in Taupe-less Beach, but I guess Berlin There Done That is more universal and matches more skin tones. In any case I think you don’t need both – unless you’re a taupe-junky, then you definitely do 😉

OPI Taupe-less Beach vs Berlin There Done That

Good night, beauties! I’m off to bed 🙂
xoxo Elektra

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      • Thank you! 🙂 I am very happy that you like the comparison! If I didn’t own both shades already this is definitely something I would have looked out for. I think comparison posts are always very useful. And for myself it’s interesting doing it and if I can only see the slightest difference it’s easier for me to justify that I had to have both 😉


    • I understand what you mean! I have to admit that I also feel that Berlin There Done That looks better (healthier??) on me. Maybe I should make the following experiment: Berlin on one hand and Taupe-less Beach on the other. Then it should be easy to see which polish goes better with my skin tone 😉


      • I don’t think you should do that, as having them both on one hand makes them easier comparable. Btw, they both look classy on you, with, yeah, just a little bit advantage to Berlin, as it does make your fingers look little healthier than with Taupe. But this is just so little, I mean, if you were wearing only Taupe, I wouldn’t even thing about it looking not healthy (a bit weird written, I know). So, to sum up, they both look great on you, but for myself I’d pick Berlin just because I prefer brown to purple.


  1. Thank you for this review!

    I chose “Berlin, done that” at the salon and the woman next to me chose “taupe-less beach” and they looked SO similar!!
    I wanted to see what it looked like on before trying it or even buying them both and you helped me out big time! My decision? I’m buying them both. LOL


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    • I’m so happy the review was helpful for you! They are indeed very similar but I also love having them both in my stash 🙂 I noticed that “Berlin there done that” works a little bit better with my skin tone …


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