Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Manicure

Happy 4th of July to my readers from the US! Do you have any fabulous plans for today? Please share so I can live vicariously through you 😉 If you’re still looking for a matching manicure I have a design suggestion for you!

4th of July Manicure

Before I go into detail of this water marble manicure please bear in mind that I wasted quite some time and polish for experiments. But it was worth it 🙂 I finally found 3 polishes that worked fairly well together: OPI All I Want For Christmas Is OPI, OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay and OPI My Vampire Is Buff (I ran out of plain whites … oh, the horrors of a nail blogger). As a base I used 1 coat of OPI My Vampire Is Buff. For the water marble I drew a classic flower pattern and used the center of the design for each nail. To top this mani off I added 1 coat of Girly Bits Vive la Revolution!

4th of July Manicure

4th of July Manicure

4th of July Manicure

I hope you’re having a great day!
xoxo Elektra small

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  1. Extrem arge maniküre. Eigentlich würde ich gerne “extrem geil” schreiben, aber das traue ich mich nicht. Hammer. Das mit dem Water marbling musst du mir echt beibringen!!


    • Vielen Dank! Ich hab mich selber voll gefreut, dass mir das so gut gelungen ist! Machen wir unbedingt mal mit Theresia eine “Water Marble Party”! 🙂 Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid – weil gut geht’s mir auch nicht immer dabei 😉


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