ILNP Top Down & Clockwork {December 16}

ILNP Top Down & Clockwork

Let me start today’s post with a well-meant warning: Do NOT buy any ultra holo from ILNP! Unless you’re ready to be hooked for life. That’s what happened to me. I tell you, every time I wear an ultra holo, I cannot help but thinking “nothing compares to this!” and then the nail-staring starts again. And I always used to be a creme kind of girl. Feels like cheating. Remember ILNP Mona Lisa from my Top 5 Fall polishes? That was an ultra holo. And today I’m showing you a completely different color in the same finish: ILNP Top Down, an icy blue holo. I wasn’t overly impressed by it in the bottle, but once on the nails it’s just divine!

ILNP Top Down & Clockwork

I paired Top Down with one of ILNP’s Ultra Metallics. It’s called Clockwork and is a bronze holo filled with metallic flakes. By the way, this color is very versatile. I’ve already worn it in several manicures!

ILNP Top Down & Clockwork

I applied 3 coats of ILNP Top Down on all my nails except the ring finger where I applied 3 coats (2 would have been sufficient) of ILNP Clockwork instead. Both polishes are part of this year’s ILNP fall collection.

ILNP Top Down & Clockwork

Have a gorgeous day! 🙂

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