When fall is beautiful

Picture Polish Autumn, ILNP Top Down & Glory

Fall is in full bloom now. As in rainy, dark and dreadful. This year the change in weather is particularly difficult to bear because we had a lovely summer. It was almost always warm but rarely too hot. Now it is so dark in my room that I should switch on lights, but I won’t, because I hate artificial lighting during the day – a pet peeve of mine. So I’m kind of forced to sit in the dark. But rest assured that I am without shame: I will play Christmas songs in October in order to cheer me up. Let’s see if it comes to this … 🙂

In hope of better weather let me share a manicure with you that represents the beautiful days of fall. Last year Picture Polish released Autumn, an ever so slightly muted orange enhanced with those gorgeous holographic shards. In today’s look I combined it with a fresh light pearl blue holo and coppery chrome flakies.

Picture Polish Autumn

On index and middle finger I’m wearing 2 coats of Pictures Polish Autumn. On ring, pinkie and thumb I applied 2 coats of ILNP Top Down and added 1 coat of ILNP Glory.

ILNP Top Down & Glory

Picture Polish Autumn, ILNP Top Down & Glory

Have a lovely rainy day! 😉
XOXO Elektra

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