Jelly Ombre

ILNP Spring Jellies Skittle

Winter is a weird time when it comes to nail polish colors. There is really no designated theme that we can rely on. Of course, we’ll always have grey, but imagine three months of grey. So recently I came up with the perfect solution: if there’s no theme, I can wear anything I feel like! (which I do anyway, but that’s beside the point) And in this post I’m showing you what I felt like the other day! 🙂

ILNP Spring Jellies Skittle

I used 5 of the 6 Spring Jellies that ILNP released last year. I applied Jello Shot on my index finger, Valerie on middle, BFF’s on ring, Night Light on pinkie and Sweet Pea on the thumb. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my thumb but check out this post to see all the Spring Jellies separately!

ILNP Spring Jellies Skittle

ILNP Spring Jellies Skittle

Have a glamorously grey winter’s day! 😉
XOXO Elektra

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    • Freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt! Ich hab den Look auch sehr cool gefunden, wie ich ihn getragen hab. Beim Tragen merkt man ja erst wirklich, ob eine Idee intelligent war oder nicht … 😉


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