My Neon Summer 2013

My Neon Summer Manicures by Elektra King

My Neon Summer #1:
Tropical Fruit GradientTropical Fruit Gradient

My Neon Summer #2:
Sunset Gradient
Neon Sunset Gradient

My Neon Summer #3:
China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes and Lynnderella Sugar Bunny
China Glaze Hangten Toes Lynnderella Sugar Bunny

My Neon Summer #4:
Multicolored Summer Tips
Multicolored Summer Tips

My Neon Summer #5:
China Glaze Sunsational Beach Manicure
China Glaze Sunsational Lush Clowning Around

My Neon Summer #6:
Mediterranean Extravagance
Mediterranean Manicure

My Neon Summer #7:
Neon Skittle with Glitter
Neon Skittle summer manicure

My Neon Summer #8:

Neon-sprinkled Cotton Buds
Neon Cotton Buds

My Neon Summer #9:

Exotic Leopard
China Glaze Sunsational leopard

My Neon Summer #10:

Neon Explosion
neon splatter manicure

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