Polished Memories

Polished Memories ElektraKing.com

Lancome Fall 1997Lancôme Fall 1997

In Fall 1997 I was finally ready to leave my pastel obsession behind and go for new horizons! Continue reading ♦

Pastel Fever ElektraKing.comPastel Fever in the 90s

Follow me back to the the 90s when I bought my very first polishes and suffered horribly and continually due to my inability to use them 🙂 Continue reading ♣

OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa

Back to the 80s …

It was in the 80s at the age of 10 years when my fascination for beautiful nails began while watching a commercial for the hand cream Kamill. Keep on reading to watch the most horrifying hand creme commercial ever 😉 Continue reading ♥

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